We you just the way you are!

By Gracie Wright

The books

These brightly illustrated fun picture books send children laughing as they walk with the adorable Eric through his day and identify with the little things he gets muddled up. He finds there is nothing wrong with being silly because, at the end of the day, his mother loves him just the way he is.

Silly Eric Never Gives Up

When Eric learns to Never Give Up. Perfect for age 3-7


Silly Eric & The Birthday Cake

When Eric makes his mum a birthday cake. Perfect for age 2-6


Silly Eric

When Eric's mum tells him he's loved just the way he is. Perfect for age 1-6


5% of all book sales go to our selected children's charities, U2U World, Burn 24/7 India, Addenbrooke's ICU.
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All about Silly Eric!

The book

Silly Eric is a fun illustrated book for children! Click to discover more!


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Silly Eric Day Camp

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School Workshops

Book award-winning author Gracie Wright to come to your school to read and take a creative writing class for your kids. She will give a vibrant lesson on developing characters and ideas with her twist! She also gives talks about being the best you can be, which has inspired kids all over the UK to dream BIG and be kind to others. Please contact her if you would like to hear more.


About Author

Silly Eric by Gracie Wright

Gracie is two time award-winning author and Pride of Britain nominee. She has been a Young Ambassador for the Prince's Trust and is a supporter of helping others overcome. Especially when it comes to brain injury, as she knows all too well what it is like to lose all of her childhood memories after being hit by a car when she was a child. Her love for people and helping others reflects in her work as she grows her publishing business to inspire creativity and dreaming BIG. "When I'm working with kids, I'm filled with overflowing joy as we laugh and read together, sharing the message that we all should be loved just the way we are".


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